Client Testimonials

I’ve been working with Rahim for the past 4 months and short as it may seem, I can already say that he is the kind of colleague everyone would want to have. He is very meticulous and conveys genuine passion in his job. Rahim challenges both the product owner and the team to always strive to come up and deliver the best solution for the users.

He value everyones opinion, no matter what their position or skill level. He is open to suggestions and in case he has to disagree with you on some points, he surely has something to back him up. Not unlike some who just says “No” just because they don’t want to do it.

He also makes my job easier by providing me with very good use cases, wireframes and supporting documents. He is very helpful and will not in any way, make you feel stupid whenever he answers your questions. He is flexible, and is always quick to make changes to the user experience from user testing.

Apart from being serious with his work, he is very collaborative, relaxed, easy-going, proactive and he makes the workplace less stressful. He knows how to have fun while still being productive at work.

LinkedIn, Anne Brigitte Santos-Baluyot QA Tester at Skynews Arabia

Rahim is an outstanding user experience professional. He appears to effortlessly bridge the gap between consumer expectations. He quickly became a go-to-guy for a wide variety of projects inside the Sky News Arabia.
This makes his humility all the more admirable – his leadership qualities are quickly noticeable to anyone meeting him, but this does not prevent him from being the epitome of a team player.
He is at the very cutting edge of his field, and takes the opportunity to educate peers about his expertise. Highly competent and passionate about his field, Rahim will continue to dominate the UE field for years to come.

LinkedIn, Pankaj Matta, Broadcast Developer at Sky News Arabia

Rahim is an excellent professional in Web & Mobile Industry. He not only masters the cutting edge UI/UX technologies but also have a deep understanding of design philosophy and customer’s psychology.
Rahim always thinks out of the box and comes up with quick and perfect solutions. He is very committed and passionate about his field and keeps him up-to-date on latest trends in UI/UX domain.
As a peer, Rahim is the best person that I have worked with. I found him always ready to help others with full energy and positive attitude. Along with technical skills, Rahim possesses excellent managerial, leadership, and mentoring qualities. He is an appealing presenter with exceptional communication skills. I wish him well in his future endeavors and have no doubt that he will continue on the path of success. I would be happy to provide a personal reference if ever required.

LinkedIn, Atiq Amjad, CAPM, Certified Associate in Project Management

Rahim is an excellent team player, very approachable, highly creative and knowledgeable in UI / UX and is very good at understanding business requirements. Rahim constantly comes up with unique and innovative proposals to improve the products he is working on. I highly recommend Rahim and I am confident he will be a great asset to any team.

LinkedIn, Paul John Technical Leader

Rahim is a highly motivated and extremely capable UX Consultant. Throughout his time working on a cutting edge digital project for Sky News Arabia , He has demonstrated excellent leadership and communication skills to drive the evolution of a portfolio of digital services across platforms. He was the perfect combination of analytical and creative thinking. He ensured the design, user experience and flow improved with every iteration.

He maintains a strong focus on clear user centered design principles supported by insight research but is open to input from other members of the project team. His positive outlook, sense of humour and commitment to the cause make him a pleasure to work with.

LinkedIn, Ginish Kesavan, Broadcast Developer at Sky News Arabia

When it comes to implementation of websites Rahim has all knowledge of designing and making proper use of SEO. Communication skill between him and clients are excellent.

LinkedIn, Ivan D'Souza, Managing Director at PCGalore

Rahim is an extremely talented prototyper and has a been a huge asset to our team. He was able to turn around prototypes in a very short time and each deliverable was of a very high quality. On top of this Rahim was very easy to work with with his personable style and proactive nature.

LinkedIn, Ronan Morrissey, Product Development Director at Barclays

Rahim is an extremely talented prototyper and has a been a huge asset to our team. He was able to turn around prototypes in a very short time and each deliverable was of a very high quality. On top of this Rahim was very easy to work with with his personable style and proactive nature.

LinkedIn, Ronan Morrissey, Product Development Director at Barclays

Rahim is a highly experienced User Interface Prototyper with strong attention to detail, and a work ethic to match. Rahim was an integral part of the team and more than willing to go the extra mile to achieve the required results.

LinkedIn, Afia Abrokwa, CASS PMO Analyst

Rahim has played an important role within our project team at Barclays. He has delivered highly interactive mobile and online prototypes, bringing to life our product proposition. It has brought on a tremendous amount of excitement from senior management. I wish Rahim continued future successes in his career.

LinkedIn, Helen Orlando, Co-founder & CEO of stealth startup

Rahim has a keen eye for detail and can deliver under pressure, on time. His technical skills in CSS, HTML and jQuery are excellent and he can really make good on designs from visual designers and ensure they are pixel perfect. I have no hesitation in recommending him in any front end / prototype capacity.

LinkedIn, Russell Biscardine, Front End Developer / Web Engineer at Nomura

Rahim made it all gel together. He demonstrated a dogged commitment to the project. He’s hard working, full of energy, integrity and sets high standards for himself and others. He was not afraid to challenge me when he has suggestions that can improve on the brief given. He has always understood my vision no matter how farfetched, and has managed to build what we asked for, but also something that functioned for our users as well. He takes deadlines very seriously and is both adaptable as well focused. his ability to bring the team together and deliver was vital to the success of our project.

I look forward to working with him again and also recommending him to others.

LinkedIn, Chris Meeten, Company Director at The Uniform Studio Ltd

Rahim’s an incredibly talented prototype and developer, however, what makes him an invaluable asset is the combination of an abundance of energy and an attitude ‘to go above and beyond the call of duty’ to get the job done!

LinkedIn, Karen Rudich, Strategic Troubleshooter - growth, transformation & change

Rahim was a great asset to the project – he always went the extra mile over and above the call of duty. His contribution always made a difference, as we were under really tight deadlines. The product that was created is true innovation and a great example of data visualisation done well. All this whilst having a lot of fun and laughter.

Rahim is also a thoroughly nice guy that works well in a team and is very delivery focused.

It would be a pleasure to work with Rahim again.

LinkedIn, Grant Venter, Owner and co-founder at Fathom London Ltd

Rahim’s expertise really became apparent when he assisted us by creating both our websites. We considered other designers, but his knowledge, attention to detail and ability to think outside the box made him the obvious choice.
The market place is littered with mediocre designers, we were very fortunate that Rahim was recommended after a couple of bad experiences. Nothing was too much trouble, he understood our brief and produced two sites that surpassed our expectations, please take a look for yourself.
Clifton Sinclair
Managing Director

LinkedIn, Clifton Sinclair, Managing Director for Canapé World, All The World's Fare, Esprit de Champagne (UK)

Rahim is an enthusiastic and talented developer. With a very short deadline and a totally new product to prototype Rahim delivered a great result. Look forward to working with him again.

LinkedIn, Johannes Waldstein, Co founder of FINALOGIC Mobile Payments

While working with Rahim on the re-structuring of 2 major platforms, he brought an exeprienced pair of eyes to the project. Always willing to put his ideas on the table for the good of the team in which he was a valuable member.

I would recommend him on any project in the future.

LinkedIn, Alan Barrows, Java Developer at Financial Times

Rahim came on board and rapidly became up to speed and competent in the use of the CMS we were using. Producing standards compliant front end code and resolving complex browser compatibility issues he became a valuable member of the team.

LinkedIn, James Bailey, Mobile web software engineer at Thomson Reuters

Rahim is a highly skilled front-end developer. He is diligent and proactive in terms of identifying opportunities to improve the quality of the end product, and seeking out ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the project team. He is very affable and confident and would be a great asset to any Dev team.

LinkedIn, Ian Partridge, Project Consultant and Business Change professional

Rahim is probably the most enthusiastic and energetic frond end developer I’ve ever worked with. He is not afraid of any work. His cross-browser and CSS skills are second to none. I have enjoyed working with Rahim.

LinkedIn, Denis Lisitsyn, Front End Developer

When Rahim joined the FT he brought with him his extensive knowledge in user experience and front-end design which help sculpt the website into what it is today. Rahim is a great team-player, an approachable and friendly guy and is a great asset to any development team.

LinkedIn, Linda C. Groarke, Vice President - Technology - Goldman Sachs

Rahim is a very talented front end developer who not only transforms formal designs into slick web pages, but can take a nebulous idea and make it a reality. He adds an immense amount of value during both design and build with his experience in usability. He is fast, quick to grasp the design principles but without losing that critical attention to detail. Rahim, I have no doubt, would be an asset to any project team and I would jump at the chance to work with him again.

LinkedIn, Neil Taylor, Head of Product Management at Ford Retail Group

Rahim demonstrates a high level of skill and commitment. He has shown the ability to work to extremely tight deadlines and always puts in the effort and hours to achieve the project objective. I would gladly recommend Rahim.

LinkedIn, Edith Egemba, Strategic Programme PMO Lead at Nuffield Health

I worked with Rahim for approximately 2 years and found him to be a very creative designer.

LinkedIn, Tracey Spencer, Sitecore 6.5 & 7 Certified Developer

Rahim was responsible for the HTML and CSS for a RIA project that required a very fast turnaround. He was incredibly quick and showed great dedication by volunteering to work late and at weekends to help keep the team on schedule. He linked up well with the JavaScript developers and provided prompt assistance to the engineering team to troubleshoot styling issues during integration. His knowledge and humour made him an invaluable asset to the team, therefore I would happily work with him again.

LinkedIn, Craig Woollard, UX Consultant at Avanade

Rahim was the sole HTML/CSS developer on the largest web project our team has undertaken at Nomura. He delivered an extremely high quality of work and was always eager to assist.

With such a large global project there were many stumbling blocks but Rahim skilfully managed to overcome any obstacles he encountered.

It was lovely to have such a unique member in the team who managed to form bonds with all of the immediate team as well as the offshore team. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rahim.

LinkedIn, Alyssa Fuller, Technical Delivery Manager
LinkedIn, Rohit Agarwalla, Technical Officer at JPMorgan Chase

When being interviewed for his position at NCL, Rahim definately stood out from the crowd. His ideas were always inspirational and it was a pleasure to work with him. I would not hesitate in recommending Rahim’s work with a future employer.

LinkedIn, Lee Cooper, Head of IT

Rahim and the Webtrendz team have worked on numerous projects for the business in the last 12 months. Whether small day to day design jobs or larger more complex video streaming projects he has always delivered early and to tight budgets. If you are looking for a flexible, proactive and quality orientated external resource that understands ROI then speak to Rahim!

LinkedIn, Danny Hemming, Programme Manager at BBC

Rahim will turn a good design into slick, standards compliant HTML and CSS. He does like to be at the coal-face and will produce a client-driven solution that can be viewed in all browsers.
Rahim is a very friendly person that will liven-up the morale of his co-workers. He has been a valuable addition to the team at Nomura.

LinkedIn, Laurent Picquet, Autonomy Interwoven Teamsite CMS Contractor at Lloyds Banking Group

Rahim is a great person to work with, both knowledgeable and accurate in his work.

LinkedIn, Puneet Thukral, Web Developer at Espresso Education

Rahim has a tiger in his tank and brought bucketloads of positive energy to the office – in fact it felt flat without him there!

If you ask him to do something he’ll have it finished or underway before you’ve returned to your seat. One thing I really appreciated was that he actively picked up the phone and spoke to clients if he had a question or issue (something that some designers and developers are reluctant to do). This enhanced the reputation of our team.

Another thing that’s great about Rahim is that he’s never afraid to say what he thinks and start difficult conversations which need to be had and result in a better product/clarification of issues.

He’s a true character who’s very good at his job and I wholeheartedly recommend him

LinkedIn, Diana Campbell, Co-founder at The Third Row

I’ve worked with Rahim on many projects and I can say with confidence that he is very easy to work with. All tasks were always completed smoothly. He is organized, reliable and very competent.  He is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to him. He is always ready to assist anyone who needs help.  Rahim can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done.
I highly recommend Rahim as a he would be a great asset for any company.

LinkedIn, Rodrigo Lopes, Technical Architect at Transport for London and Internet Entrepreneur

Rahim is a talented web developer who is passionate about doing a good job. I’ve sat next to him for several months and really enjoyed his company – he’s a fun guy who gets along well with the team and is often cracking a joke. However, his jovial personality doesn’t diminish his focus at work, where he diligently completes all tasks as quickly and carefully as he can.

LinkedIn, Regan Andrew, Head of ECommerce at Cineworld Cinemas Ltd

Rahim is a talented and knowledgable Interaction Designer. He turns around client requests with speed and initiative. Very reliable and recommended.

LinkedIn, Niamh Shields, Food Writer & Food Blogger

Rahim is a great UI developer – unlimited enthusiasm and highly productive. He is up to date with latest trends in design and has a good eye for graphical layout. Rahim takes great pleasure in delivering over and above targets every time.

LinkedIn, Robin Wallace, Chief Technology Officer at Travel Technology Research

These days when engaging a contractor can be a bit hit and miss, Rahim is consistency and reliability . He is not only a thorough worker, but fast too. His style and manner are perfect partners to his skills and he has endeared himself to our team and to our clients. His work is of a high standard and over the months he has consistently delivered and has contributed to improvements in working practices. I would highly recommend Rahim and his work, and welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future.

LinkedIn, Brian Dobson, Digital Manager at Transport for London

It was a pleasure working with Rahim on an e-commerce project. He did an excellent job with the front end development and the all-round project management. I would gladly recommend him.

LinkedIn, Anand Lakhani, Independent Solvency II, Reporting & Data Consultant

Brilliant programmer, technology stud, team player and very hard worker. I enjoyed working with Raz and I hope to work with him again in the future.

LinkedIn, Bobby Markowitz, Social, PR, Activation in NJ at Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment

I had the pleasure of working with Rahim when at NCL. Rahim was brought in to iron out/ develop and implement NCL’s new projects and focus on online development.

One of the main projects that was delivered was the SEO of our website. When he joined we were lucky if we appeared in the top 10 pages of the search; Rahim was able to get the website to apepar in the top 5 results, naturally and with the use of SEO.

Rahim is someone who is very hard working, extremely friendly and a pleasure to work with. He has the ability to translate and communicate complex IT/ Web jargon and terminologies, so that someone who does not share the same background can understand and offer their opinions and ideas on a particular subject.

I would definitely recommend Rahim and look forward to working together someday in the near future.

LinkedIn, Michael Pagalos, Operations Manager at Swegon Ventilation Systems

When working as part of the content team at Camelot I found Rahim to be an approachable, enthusiastic, industrious and dedicated member of the UI Development team who was willing to go that extra mile to get a job done.

LinkedIn, Rebecca S, Retraining to become a French pâtissière.

During a difficult project schedule, Rahim proved to be a highly valued member of the HTML team. He is a strong communicator and has shown a great ability to form good working relationships with members of my and other teams. When stretched thinly he was still able to deliver within the required time frame and to a high standard.

LinkedIn, Martin Blair, Software engineer at Camelot Group

Rahim is an extremely savvy person in terms of New Business….would recommend him strongly for his tenacity and creativity.

LinkedIn, Jameel Golding, IT Service Delivery Manager at Merchants

While working with Rahim at Camelot, he quickly developed a reputation as being a highly motivated and skilled UI Developer. He is an excellent team player and is very adept at building and maintianing effective relationships with his co-workers.He was always willing to help and mentor other less experienced staff. Whilst having to work in a stressful project environment, he always maintained a very positive attitude and demeanour which provided an enjoyable and productive working environment.I regard him as being a very reliable and trustworthy colleague who is always 100% committed to getting the job done. Rahim was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate in recommending him as a UI Dev Lead to any other organisation.

LinkedIn, Gautham Reddy, Test Consultant at Acutest

Great detailed and hard working UI Developer who works well in a team and by himself. He is also a great guy to work with. I highly recommend him for any role.

LinkedIn, ken AAdjei, Experience Analyst Developer

I was introduced to Rahim whilst working at Rahim during his time at Tesco demonstrated real professionalism and was an enthusiastic member of the development team. He was prepared to assist as and when needed and he became a key developer within weeks of commencement at Tesco.
Highly skilled, multi talented individual, who is prepared to deliver his best within the specified time frame. Rahim has the ability to work at all levels, there have been times when Rahim overshadowed and challenged the most senior developers. This gave him the confidence to manage and lead a team to deliver a project within timescales and budget! –It has been a pleasure to have worked with Rahim.

LinkedIn, Sudesh Kaushal, Senior Web & Mobile Test Engineer at DigitasLBi

Rahim is not only an extremely capable developer, but a great person to have on any team you might be working with. His attitude to work is excellent, and his management of communication with other sections of the business is a huge asset. His willingness to both give and recieve help and advice on projects is refreshing.

All in all, working with Rahim has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and one that I would be only too willing to repeat in the future.

LinkedIn, David Eglin, Head of Development at Connect Advertising & Marketing LLP

Rahim is a co-operative person to deal with; friendly, approachable and confident. He is always willing to find ways to meet the needs of the business and where appropriate offering solutions which can often beat the clients expectation. His forward thinking attitude in meetings is also recognised amongst the team. He is fast to envisage potential creative problems that business requirements may cause yet he is always willing to investigate different ways of overcoming any problems so that the business requirements can be met without being heavily compromised.

LinkedIn, Jayesh Panchmatia, Product Manager at BBC

Both dedicated to his job and hardworking, Rahim has been a real pleasure to work with. If there was ever a problem you could be guaranteed that Rahim would have a solution to it. He has been an excellent Dev Lead, extremely approachable and great at integrating new starters into his team. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

LinkedIn, David Plunkett, Head of Front End Development at Beyond

Rahim is an intelligent, and personable man, able to articulate technical concepts in a clear and and concise manner. This professional ability coupled with his innate sense of fun, has made him a great colleague to work with.

LinkedIn, Aparna Khanna, Business Analyst at Lloyds Banking Group

Rahim is a rare type of person: he has tremendous passion, knowledge and commitment to his clients. I found him to be extremely calm and collected and very helpful in all aspects of the web development cycle. It is rare to come across a person who one can learn from and yet not feel as though that person feels frustrated with all your questions and Rahim certainly provides that support to his clients.

We hired Rahim to work on our website re-design and found him to always be approachable, friendly, assistive and always at the end of the phone line for any queries. He was able to inform us on all aspects of a website life cycle and through the development process we found him to always have ideas and solutions to the issues raised.

I would not hesitate to hire Rahim and Webtrendz in the future.

LinkedIn, Xavier Garcia, Digital Marketing

Rahim is a talented UI developer, with an eye for detail when it comes to coding principles and semantics. I have woked with Rahim on a recent project for Camelot; on the site. Rahims’ contribution to the table was his vast knowledge of emerging web technologies and leadership skills in being able to manage workflows and deliveries of code.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rahim as a responsible and reliable developer.

LinkedIn, Satyan Vekaria, UI Developer at Everything Everywhere Ltd

Rahim is an excellent developer, with a really positive attitude to his work and his colleagues. He has top-notch technical skills and knows how to build good relationships with his colleagues and business stakeholders.

He’s also a good guy to work with on a personal level, and has always been popular with his colleagues. I’d have no hesitation recommending Rahim.

LinkedIn, Lee McIvor, Director at RAFT

Rahim has worked for me on a number of occasions – he listens well, understands the brief and then delivers more than you expect. He has produced 2 full sites for me and on both occasions come up with some great ideas, offered me with options and been able to interpret what I want without me being able to fully explain my thoughts and ideas. He has a great mix of design flare and technical competance and he’s also a nice guy to work with.

LinkedIn, David Hudson, Regional Sales Manager

Rahim is an exceptional, honest hard-working coder, who’s organisation skills dig a lot of people out of a lot of holes. His sense of humour lightens any meeting or occasion. I would work with Rahim again in an instant.

LinkedIn, Prem Ghinde

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Rahim when he came to help The National Lottery apply his UI development expertise. His approach is friendly and authoritative. I would work with Rahim again.

LinkedIn, Darren Evans, Senior Manager, User Experience at Dixons Carphone

I placed Rahim at the end of last year and have had excellent feedback.

Rahim has proven himself to be a true expert in his field. As well as this he is extremely easy to work with proving to be both personable and professional.

I would have no issue in recommending Rahim to any of my clients as he demonstrated his ability time and time again.

LinkedIn, Zeth Couceiro, Manager at OPUS Recruitment Solutions

Working with Rahim during my time at IVIS group on the was a real pleasure. Extremely hard working and committed to the job at hand, with the knowledge and skills to back it up in the areas of XHTML/CSS/Javascript, user interface design and web accessibility.

His portfolio of previous work speaks for itself, which he has produced through his business, Webtrendz (

Apart from his in-depth technical skills, Rahim would have to rank as one of the most level-headed and well liked individuals I know. Always happy to chat and share a laugh with others. Hopefully we can cross paths again in the future.

LinkedIn, Peter Mescalchin, Web applications developer / systems architect

Rahim is a very passionate worker with a lot of energy and creativity. He was extremely helpful and always one of the first to offer assistance.

LinkedIn, Veronica Irons, Digital Marketing Manager at QPAC