My journey

Early years

With 11+ years of dedication as a UI designer and front-end developer, I thrive within Agile teams, creating not only UI designs but also coding the final GUI. My passion for UX and design extends to understanding user flows, making me uniquely positioned to approach UI design from both a UX and developer standpoint. This dual perspective, coupled with my ability to build front-end code, empowers me to make informed decisions, ensuring consistency and a positive user experience. My journey began in the early 90s as an IT Trainer, evolving into web development and later transitioning into UX during my tenure at and Transport for London.

Rahim Haji - User Experience Practitioner

Bridging UX and code for seamless digital experiences

Embarking on a 21+ year journey, I’ve cultivated a comprehensive understanding of technology, user behavior, and business imperatives, empowering me to craft impactful and user-centric digital solutions.

Endorsed by Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g), I bring over two decades of expertise as a UX professional. My proficiency extends to seamlessly blending established best practices with innovative strategies, ensuring compelling digital experiences. From wireframes to user journeys, my approach integrates generative AI and cutting-edge technology for precision and continuous innovation.

Staying at the forefront of industry trends, I align seamlessly with business needs, consistently exceeding customer expectations. Anchored in Scrum methodology, I ensure timely delivery of high-quality results. My dedication to user-centric design, complemented by the infusion of AI, positions me as a valuable contributor to your team, poised to make a substantial and positively impactful contribution to your digital offerings.

With a foundation as a UI designer and front-end developer for over two decades, I thrive in Agile teamwork. Beyond crafting UIs, I code GUIs, driven by a passion for UX, design, and seamless user flows.

User hierarchy of needs

My unique perspective, bridging front-end code expertise with UX and design considerations, ensures consistent and informed decision-making. This dual lens aligns technology capabilities with design choices, fostering a harmonious and effective development process.

My journey began in the 90s as an IT Trainer, evolving into web development during the web boom. Teaching HTML with tools like Frontpage and Notepad, I ventured into website construction using Paintshop Pro and ImageReady. Contributing to the web presence of companies like and, I honed my skills.

In 2007, my UX journey took off at, delving into user behavior analysis to enhance the user experience. This evolution continued at Transport for London, where I not only developed the front-end but also engaged in wireframing and collaboration with UX experts. This journey exemplifies my commitment to both users and business success.

21+ years

Crafting customer & products experiences

11 years

Leading development, UX & design teams

9 years

Creating design systems

7 years

Managing & mentoring UX teams

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