Rahim is an exemplary design leader, aligning our focus with customer-centricity while actively mentoring the UX team for positive business growth. His commitment to nurturing a collaborative design environment has elevated the UX and research teams, fostering increased customer loyalty. Rahim's unwavering energy and steadfast approach catalyzed transformative change, imbuing the team with enthusiasm and speed.

Additionally, Rahim played a pivotal role in establishing an efficient design system, significantly reducing Time-to-Market (TTM) for both UX solutions and developer timelines. This effort notably increased the agility and speed of the new and enhanced Carrefour digital solution.

Furthermore, Rahim's impact extends to devising innovative UX solutions and crafting a distinct 'tone of voice' for Carrefour in a short span of 18 months. His strategic problem-solving approach not only led to the implementation of a design system following best practices but also profoundly enhanced the agility and expediency of the new and improved Carrefour digital solution, delivering impactful solutions for both our business and customers.