Requirements & Research

Requirements Gathering

Stakeholder Engagement


Usually I ask for stakeholders to meet me individually as well as part of a group, This allows me to have a 360 degree view of what each stakeholder preceives to be:

  • The main objectives/vision
  • The target audience
  • How success is measured
  • Their feelings/thoughts about the project

I have a structure that I follow. I try to write everything down, to make sure all thoughts, feelings and comments are recorded. I also have a note taker present, who take detailed notes as well as record the meeting. I ask questions on;

  • The persons background
  • Their position within the company
  • Their thoughts on the current system, its successes and faults
  • Their thoughts about UX & the research we are doing

Listening more than talking is the aim, getting the person infront of me to open up and speak their mind. The more information and emotion I can gather the better, this will then be analysed and addressed within the UX team.

Research & Surveys

User Engagement


Once the stakeholder interviews are completed, as a UX team we sit down and discuss our findings, construct our interview questions for the users, ensuring that the script is open ended. I usually set up multiple user research sessions over time, the main aim of the first one, is to get their view point on the current system. The subsequent interviews sessions are more focused on a perticular function or theory.

In the first session, we would try to gather information such as:

  • Who they are
  • What they use the system for
  • When/Where they use the system
  • Why/How they use this system

After the interviews are completed. We sit down as a team and go through our findings, we group the feedback on a wall/board, this allows us to analyse what has been said and felt by the users. I am then able to work out common ground between the users and use that to formulate the UX. This technique has helped me a great deal to understand the users and their emotions.

Collecting best practices


As part of my research, I collect screenshots of apps/websites from competitors, this helps me understand what has become standard practice, how certain functions and actions are conducted as well as how user behave. I did such a task for Deutsche Bank’s iPad Autobahn platform, which helped me and the team to create the app UX for the app.

Quantitative analysis

I persue the use of empirically backed design solutions. As part of a bank redesign I optimised the transaction history query forms. To support my ideas, I analysed the bank’s in-house logs for retail and corporate customers to uncover segment-specific patterns in how they use query parameters. I was able to devise a much simplified form which was well received, the usage of the facility went up by 15% within the first 4 weeks of go-live.

The information gathered make the basis of the user requirements, I usually go back to the stakeholders with our findings and discuss with them. We then agree on the final requirements for the UX team to work from.

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I believe that the user stories are one of the most important facet of a UXer. As it shifts the focus for the new/revamped system from the business to the end user.