My Resume

  • Oct 2013 - Present
    Senior UX/UI/Front-end developer
    Sky News Arabia

    Having gathered business requirements, I convert them into user personas, flows, wireframes clickable prototypes. These are then presented to the business for signed off, followed by user testing. I analyse & integrate the testing feedback and begin the development process. First by working with the design team and then as the development team to convert the designs into the website/applications. I use latest technologies to achieve this such as JAVA, JSP, AngularJS, jQuery and HTML5.

    Responsibilities: JAVA, JSP, AngularJS, JSON, jQuery, HTML(5), CSS(3), Bootstrap

  • Oct 2012 to Sep 2013
    Lead UX/UI/Prototyping
    Barclays Bank

    I gathered requirements from various departments and then constructed the UX for Barclays Cloudit & Pingit app’s. As a team we produced prototypes to be user tested, prototyping cycles would be repeated to ensure the ‘Best in Class’ application was developed. I would then work with the build teams (onshore/offshore) to ensure the applications created adhered to the prototypes.

    Responsibilities: jQuery, jQueryMobile, HTML(5), CSS(3), Bootstrap

  • March 2012 – Oct 2012
    User Interaction Lead
    Deutsche Bank / HCL

    Discuss with the Funds managers on their requirements for the new website & IPAD iOS app, I worked with them to provide wireframes of their requirements, and then converted them into clickable prototypes. These were then set to the user research department for user testing and feedback gathering. I would then take the feedback back for analysis, update the prototypes and hand this over to the iOS dev team to build the app.

    Responsibilities: jQuery, jQueryMobile, HTML(5), CSS(3), Bootstrap

  • May 2011 to Feb 2012
    UX Lead/ Front-end Developer
    Financial Times

    As the lead, I would discuss with the sales, marketing & broadcasting departments, their requirements for the app & websites (, FTAdvisor & Investors Chronicle). I would then relay the requrements and my UX team. We would analyse & build the stragey going forward. I would then work with the back-end development teams (onshore/offshore) to ensure the backend systems were inline with the new UX and front-end that I had coded.

    Responsibilities: JSP, JPT, Methode CMS, XML, jQuery, HTML(5), CSS(3), Foundation CSS

  • Sep 2010 to Mar 2011
    UX/UI Lead/Scrum master

    I Lead a team of 3 UXers and 3 Front-end developers for the LexisNexis project. I would sit with business managers/directors to understand their requirements, produce user flows and wireframes for both the website and app. I would then discuss these with the business for sign off. As a team we would then develop the prototypes and conduct user testing. On completion of those cycles, we would create the front end shippable code that would then be used by the back-end teams to build the applications and website functionalities.

    Responsibilities: ASP.NET, XML, TeamSite, jQuery, HTML(5), CSS(3)

  • Aug 2009 to Aug 2010
    UI/UX Front-End Developer
    Nomura International bank

    I consulted with the business managers to get requirements and then as a team we would dicuss the business requirements and construct the UI/UX and user Flows, I would then be tasked with building a design and converting that into fonrt-end code that would be integrated into the TeamSite CMS, by the back-end development teams (offshore/onshore) of internal and external websites/applications.

    Responsibilities: ASP.NET, XML, TeamSite, jQuery, EXTJS, HTML(5), CSS(3)

  • Aug 2008 to Aug 2009
    Lead User Experience/UI Designer
    Transport for London

    I met with various departments and assertaining their requirements for the various sections of the TfL website. The requirements were converted into wireframes & flows, which were presented to the managers of the departments concerned. Once signed off, these were then built out using HTML/CSS/jQuery and then incorporated into the bespoke CMS (RedDot) using .NET with the help of the back-end team.

    Responsibilities: ASP.NET, ASP, jQuery, HTML(5), CSS(3)

  • Dec 2007 to Aug 2008
    UI Developer /Dev Lead
    National Lottery

    I lead the front-end development team of 4, where we worked on the new website that was launched in mid 2008. The site remit was to increase the usability of the site and also to encourage users to signup for a user account and purchase lottery tickets and scratch cards online. I devised and help build a new framework using latest technologies. I was able to add significent value in the development of the new UX and framework, which was then used by the dev team to produce the website in conjunction with the back-end dev teams offshore dev teams.

    Responsibilities: PHP, XML, JSON, jQuery, HTML, CSS

  • Mar 2007 to Nov 2007
    UI Developer
    IVIS Group (

    I was part of a large development team that consisted of web designers, front-end developers & back-end developers coding HTML, CSS, Javascript on a platform built using ASP technologies. My duties included taking designs from the branding and marketing teams, then converting them into pixel perfect pages using HTML & CSS. Working with an offshore back-end developer, I would assist in integrating my code into the back-end code for the website.

    Responsibilities: ASP, XML, JSON, Bespoke CMS, jQuery, HTML, DHTML, CSS

  • Dec 2005 to Feb 2007
    E-commerce Lead & QA Analyst
    NCL (Bahamas) Ltd

    I worked with the Branding & Development team out in Miami, together we worked with external consultants to produce a strong UX and wireframes. I worked with the branding team to design the new website and create the UX. I then convert that into pixel perfect front-end code, which would then be handed to the back-end team based in Miami.

    Responsibilities: JSP, Java, EXT, jQuery, (X)HTML, CSS

  • Aug 2005 to Sep 2005
    Web designer and SEO Consultant
    Saatchi Gallery

    It was responsible to ensure all exhibitions were articulated onto the website, as well as consulting with the Marketing team to ensure current and future exhibions and all artists and their art was detailed on the website. I would conduct SEO initives to ensure the site appeared wthin the first 5 links on search engines for all artists.

    Responsibilities: PHP, XML, jQuery, HTML, CSS

  • April 2005 to Aug 2005
    Form and design manager

    I had to ensure all forms both online and offline adhered to usability and branding buidelines as set out. I would liaise with various departments to ensure all requirements were met. Furthermore, I was tasked with ensuring the content of the website as produced by the editors and designers was of the highest standards and assist where necessary.

    Responsibilities: Javascript, HTML, CSS

  • Oct 2004 to April 2005
    Digital manager/ GUI designer
    Vicarage House Business Centre

    I design and built the website for the business centre, with a booking engine to book meeting rooms and office space. I also created and implemented a virtual office framework for our customers. This meant that they could use a satellite office in Central London, get their calls and emails answered by our office staff and re-route any calls to the main office.

    Responsibilities: JSP, Javascript, HTML, CSS

  • Jun 2001 to Sep 2004
    Web design Team lead
    Online Travel Corporation/

    My duties included creating new website designs, creating promotional material and splash pages for new special promotions. OTC were purchased by early in 2002. At Lastminute, I was team lead for a team of 10 front-end developers. We would add new products to the existing website as well as design new site designs. These would be implemented into the existing frameworks for the various websites.

    Responsibilities: JSP, Javascript, HTML, HTML, CSS

  • Oct 2000 to Jun 2001
    Web Interface Developer

    I was one of 3 front-end designers/developers, we would be required to create designs from briefs received from marketing and other departments. I would work with HTML, CSS and Javascript to build the websites. I would produce paper concepts to present to the various departments and managers, they would sign off and provide feedback on changes needed. Once these were carried out, we as the front-end team would produce the necesary code that would then be incorporated by the back-end teams.

    Responsibilities: ASP, Javascript, HTML, CSS

  • 2006
    ScrumMaster Certification
    Norwegian Cruise Line

    Attained SCRUM certification when working at NCL

  • 2003 - 2006
    LLB Law Degree
    Birkbeck University (part-time)

    I read LAW at Birbeck part time, which I have not to completed due to personal family issues.

  • 2001
    Master Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Designer

    I was able to attain the CIW Designer & Web Master certification when working at

  • 2000
    CIW Designer, Web Master (Ms)

    I was able to attain the higher certification when working at

  • 2001 - 2003
    First Class Honours Degree in Commerce
    Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad U.P. (BSP)

    I was able to attain a First Class Honours Degree in Bachelor of Commerce Programme (B.Com.). Where i read the some of the following topics:

    First Yr

    • Business Economics
    • Business Finance
    • Office Management
    • Company Account
    • Industrial Law
    • Company Law

    Second Yr

    • Banking Law
    • Income Tax
    • Auditing
    • Quantitative Techniques
    • Cost Accounts

    Final Yr

    • Principles of Economics
    • Industrial Economics & Management
    • Monetary Economics & Public Finance
    • Business Law
    • Business Stats
    • Advanced Accounts
  • 1998 - 2000
    Microsoft Certified Trainer
    Premier IT

    I gained the certification as a Microsoft Trainer on Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access db.

  • 1994 - 1996
    A Levels
    London School of Law

    I studied and attained very good grades in the following A Levels; Law (A), Constitutional Law(B) and Business Studies(C)

  • 1988 - 1990
    City and Guilds HND in 726 Info Tech
    North London College

    I studied the HND 726 in Information Technology, where I learned much about PC’s, electronics, CAD as well as fundamentals in Design and Typography as a minor.

  • 1988 - 1988
    Bullsmoor School

    I studied: Maths, English, Science, Further Science, Geography

  • 1988 - 1988
    Bullsmoor School

    I studied Technical Vocational Education Initiative where I received Distinction