What I Do

I have been a dedicated UI designer and front-end developer for the past 15 years. I usually work as part of a larger team within an Agile environment. Where from time to time, I have not only created the UI but also code the final GUI. I am very passionate about UX as well as Design and the User Flow within an application or website.

Having the ability to build the front-end code of a website, puts me in a unique position, as I am able to design the user interface from both a UX as well as a developers point of view. Knowing what is possible in terms of technology helps me make decisions and ensures a consistant approach my work.

How I Became a Developer

I started out as a IT Trainer back in the early 90’s. I trained users on how to use software, from Microsoft Office to Imageready and Painshop pro.

In the mid-eightees, the web really took off and I began my journey using and then teaching HTML using software such as Frontpage and notepad. As part of the training course I also tought Paintshop Pro and ImageReady to construct websites.

Soon I found myself working for companies needing their own websites, such as Sports.com and then later on with Lastminute.com.

How I got to UX

I had been solely a web developer for aproximatly 7 years, coding the front-end of websites, working with back-end developers to integrate a better presentation layer to enhance a website. I use HTML (5), CSS(3) and jQuery. I have worked within a number of industries, with various business models to monatise their websites as well as make life easier for their users.

My UX journey began in late 2007, when working with Tesco.com, within our team we only had designers and developers at the time, no UX.

The team were discussing how to redesign the website, esentially our remit was to reskin it, but we wanted to go further than that, some of us had a stronger sense as to how we should acheive this. We wanted to give the user a better experience, also Tesco wanted to push the online site much more aggressivly. So 3 of us were put forward to look deeper into our users, how they behave online and how we could improve their experience with Tesco and increase site revenue.

This journey continued when I joined Transport for London as a UI developer. I was asked not only to build the front-end of the site, which was integrated into a CMS, but also provide wireframes of the site as part of a redesign. My experience working at TfL really pushed me into the UX sphere, as I began working with agencies and other UX consultants, went on some courses and further enhanced my skills.