I am a passionate Certified User Experience Practitioner, Interaction Designer and Front-end developer....

I am a chap with many hats, is what I am.
I have been told that I am a good story teller, this, I take as a great complement.

My personal feeling is, as a User Experience designer, it is one of the most important things to be able to do, and one that I enjoy doing. But for me it goes much further than that, I love working with people from all walks for life, may that be a stakeholder, manager, designer or the user, I try to build relationships and this helps me tell the story, which I feel needs to be told.

When on a UX project, I have the benefit of being able to think and include various aspects into my works. Such as;

  • what does the business want,
  • what is the user asking for,
  • what will help the sales and marketing teams,
  • how will brand and design fit into the solution

I am sure most UXers do this, but, what I feel sets me apart is the last hat, that of the developers. Where I consider how will a development team work with my solution.

My best User Experience, Prototyping & Front-end work

My user experience knowledge


I work as a team or individually, and to be able to create world-class websites and applications. I aim to create an engaging, inspirational, market leader, and help to defining standards. I promote my application design experience and industry knowledge to ensure simplicity of design and application usability are integral.

Key Responsibilities

To be a story teller, User experience designer, Information architecture, User-centered design, Persuasive design, User research, Usability testing

Key Skills

Competitor analysis, Expert reviews, Persona creation, Scenario creation, Card sorting, Sitemap creation, User journeys & application workflows, Wireframing & prototyping, Interaction design, Usability testing


Axure RP Pro, OmniGraffle, Balsamiq, UPAD Lite, sketching prototyping, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and various online collaboration & testing tools

My CV and Portfolio

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I am a strong ID, UI & UX designer, capable of attaining business requirements & translating them into UI/UX. Download my CV to learn more about my skills and experience in these areas.

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I have put this portfolio together in order to showcase my skills as a UXer as well as provide you with some insights into how I work, my methodology as well as my passion for UX and beyond.

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User Experience Insight

User Research

User Flows



I have expertise in a wide range of user experience areas and experience in a variety of design and development software packages and coding languages.

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My Skill Levels

My Methodology

01 – The Planning

The planning phase of the project is very important, as it helps to ensure everyone involved is on the ‘same page’. As a UX professional, I need to assertain, what the business wants, what I need/can do within the budget and timelines, as well as what the business expectation is and how success is measured.

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03 – The Experience

I begin by building user personas and stories, then onto creating the user flow for the site/app. I then jump onto sketching various wireframes, I do this a multitude of times until I find the best layout and flow for the end user. At which point I put together a prototype that can be tested.

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